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Website redesign

Website redesign

The development of Internet technologies is "leaps and bounds", new technologies and improvements appear every year. Very often it happens that the site is morally obsolete for several years of work, and it needs a redesign.

The creative digital-agency SmarLab offers the modernization and redesign of sites in the shortest possible time. Depending on the new goals and objectives, we will develop a proposal for you to redesign the site with the preservation of the current links and your site management system.

  • Redesign of the site of the cottage village "Svoya usadba" in 2012

  • Redesign of the site of an online store selling vodka machines "Phoenix" in 2017

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3D visualization beyond the usual

New 3D visualization of the residential complex with the slogan "Beyond the usual". We tried to make the images look just "beyond the usual" and added a little bit of mood and weather in them.

The new site of the digital agency SmartLab was opened.

The new site is fully adaptable and allows you to view it on any phones, tablets or computers.

New sites for online store and innovative service of regular services in 2017

The website of the online store and the site for the innovative service "Carelessness" is also finished.

New sites for residential complexes in Moscow and Moscow region have been developed.

Completed work on the development of sites "Perovsky" And the site of the "Novosnegirevsky" residential complex in the Istra district of the Moscow region