Web Site Development

Digital-agency SmartLab offers the development of sites in Moscow and abroad. We can equally well create websites from scratch, as well as modernize and redesign the site at any stage of its creation.

For more than 10 years we have created more than 200 websites for companies from different sectors of the economy: real estate and construction, goods and services, design and art, education, finance and others.

A comprehensive approach, attention to detail and experience allow us to develop an effective solution for creating a website from scratch and further promoting your services and products through the Internet in a short time.

Before we start developing the site, we determine its goals, objectives, target audience, as well as wishes for appearance. Based on this, we decide which type of site will suit you best.

The principle of creating a website is in many respects similar to a designer who assembles from modules depending on the goals and tasks set by the customer. 

Depending on the tasks assigned, one of the following types of sites will suit you:

  • landing page development
  • template web site development
  • corporate web site development
  • e-commerce web site development
  • web site for real estate objects


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